Bullet Mold, large 18 cavities. Cal. 50. A rare mold, unmarked. $1500.

100 Goldmark's Percussion caps. Good condition, full. $25.

Gaupillat Percussion Cap. Paper box. Excellent condition, full.  $50.

250 Winchester Primers. No. 4. Good condition. $75.

Powder Cans (left to right)

Kynoch Smokeless Powder 1/2 lb can . Mint. $200

Orange Rifle Powder 1/2 lb can. Excellent. $150

Robin Hood Smokeless Powder 1/2 lb can. Image faded out. $75

100 Hick's Army Musket Caps. Civil War Period. Fine Condition. Full. Rare. $150

100 J. Goldmark Musket Caps.  Civil War Era.

Very Good Condition. $100

2 Old Powder Cans. Your Choice. $50 each.

Engraved Silver Percussion Cap Capper. Dated 1874. Fine Condition. $350.00

Percussion Cap Box. French. Excellent Condition. $50

2 Deadshot powder cans in excellent condition.

Half pound can has black & white hunting scene on reverse. $250. One pound can is the same on reverse. $175.

Bullet mold, 8 gauge Paradox,excellent cavity, fine overall. Only one I have ever seen. RARE  $500.

Warren half pound powder can, good condition, nothing on reverse. Early, scarce. $150

​Dupont one pound powder can,near mint condition, $75.

Very scarce American Powder Co. can. Good overall condition. 5% of label missing.  $275